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Grade 11 Biology Bio Ecology Field Study By, Colton Hatcher Introduction Hastings Point is a small coastal town located in New South Wales that is sounded by a national park. Hastings point has been a great location for tourists due to its marine wildlife, beaches and fishing. This destination is home to a magnificent rocky shore perfectly suited for a vast majority and wide range of marine wildlife. The rocky shore has a wide spread of both biotic and abiotic factors which provides a suitable ecosystem for all wildlife but unfortunately this unindustrialized location is becoming over developed. This takes a toll on Hastings point ecosystem immensely because the estuary, beach and the living organisms are slowly diminishing in…show more content…
The Tidal zones consist of splash zone, high water neap tide, low water neap tide, high water spring tide, low water spring tide, mid tide level and the splash zone and sub littoral zone. All of these tidal zones can be determined by which indicator organisms/animals are living there. For an example the splash zone is the highest of all zones and the organisms that are generally living there are noddiwinkles. If you spot a lot of honeycomb barnacles and blue-grey periwinkle’s then you are most likely in the high water tide zone and water only covers this zone at high tide. White tube worms are indictor organism the mid tide level zone and is covered by water for half of the day. There’s also the low tide zone which is engulfed in water for the majority of the day expect at low tide, you can determine this zone by finding indicator organisms such as sea squirts. The final tidal zone is the sub literal zone and this is always under water the indictor organism’s living here are brown tubeworms and striped girdled chiton. Aim: The aim of our excursion to Hastings Point, New South Wales was to study the biodiversity and ecology and to see how these organisms behave in their natural habitat and surroundings. There will also be information collected about a variety of different organisms as well as population counts and observe how they have adapted to the species surrounding environment. The excursion will also be an opportunity to gather information on

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