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HAT1 Task 4 Western Governors University Community Health Nursing 725.8 Audrey Poor Bear April 27, 2013 HAT1 Task 4 Tragic events that cause damage to property and life may destroy the social, cultural and economic life of a community. Communities must be engaged in the various phases from prevention to recovery to build disaster resilient communities. In order to do this, there must be a disaster preparedness plan in place that involves multiple people in various roles. Role of Public Health Personnel In the Disaster in Franklin County simulation (Regents of the University of Minnesota [UMN], 2006), there were several key personnel in the incident command team. This concept is utilized in real disasters when the Public…show more content…
The ability to furnish the resident with pamphlets in their native language allowed the nurse to deliver the basic safety instructions and then arrange to have someone follow up with them that was fluent in their native language. The fourth household that was discussed in the simulation had the potential for a medical emergency because of the inability for the resident to obtain medication for hypertension. The nurse realized that this must be addressed and arranged relocation to a shelter. This shelter supplied the necessary medication as well as medical supervision as needed. Coping With Aftermath Problems resulting from disasters linger for quite some time after the acute phase in a disaster and victims may have issues arise that they were not aware of initially. Community health nurses are often a primary point of contact for many of these situations and must be prepared for various problems. Sometimes, they are called on to simply reassure the victim that they are not alone in the situation and that help will continue to come. When a nurse allows a victim to discuss their concerns, the nurse can quickly expedite referrals to the appropriate area if it is out of their scope of practice. Occasionally, just having the validation and reassurance from a professional instills hope that things will get better soon. In the situation where the

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