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HAT Task 1
July 21, 2012

There is a sign on the Highway as you enter Celina that reads, “One of 100 best small towns”. Celina is a rural community in North Western Ohio. It is home of the largest manmade lakes ;{ it is 21 square miles covering over 13,500 acres in both Mercer and Auglaize counties.}Corn fields and farms surround the city on all sides and country air can make an outsider either smile or cover their nose; 60.6% of the population is rural living. Main street is home of some of the city’s oldest buildings and is where the Court house is located. Friday nights are for football games in the fall and basketball in the winter. Sunday mornings you can wake to the sound of church bells. Occasionally you’ll hear the whistle of a
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There is a Health Dept located in Celina that offers immunizations and checkups. Most everyone has some form of access to health care, 92% have a personal family Doctor, 4.3% use a clinic, and 5.2% do not use a Doctor or Clinic. There is a ratio of 1,510:1 primary care physicians. Over half of Mercer county residents, 66.3%, are insured through their employer or through their spouse/parents insurance. People receiving Medicare is 23.7% and Medicaid usage is 3.7% of the population. Only a small percentage, 9.4%, has no health insurance at all, and 8.9% have not seen a Doctor due to cost.
The Health Outcomes, for the state of Ohio (obtained from the County Health Rankings website) ranks Mercer 6th out of 88 counties. Mercer counties years of potential life lost is below the Ohio and National trend, ranking 16 out of 88, at 6,129. The morbidity rankings for poor mental health days 2.7, is higher than the National 2.3, but less than the Ohio ranking of 3.8. Poor health days for Mercer County ranked at 2.3 coming in again less than both. The low birth rate is 4.8%. Physically active lifestyle is less than one fourth the population, 78% live a sedentary lifestyle, this is much higher than the National average of 43%. According the Health Departs assessment 36.7% is overweight and an additional 25.9% are considered to be obese. Tobacco usage is a relatively low percentage of the population, 20.5% and of those

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