Hatchet Adventure In The Wild

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Imagine that you are stranded in the wilderness, where there are wild animals, poisonous berries, and much more danger. You need to survive fifty-five days in that environment with only one tool. Will you be able to do this? This actually happens to a thirteen-year old boy in the book Hatchet. Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, is full of dangerous but wonderful adventures in the wild.

At the start of this novel, the main character Brian has a hard time accepting the changes around him, for his mother and father had divorced. This was a big pain to a boy of our age, especially if he has to go spend his summer with his dad. Still thinking about the divorce and not feeling very happy, Brian heads for northern Canada, with the hatchet given by his mother with him. At that
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When the rescue plane flies by him, Brian tries to kill himself, but he decides to live. In this progress he learns a lot about 'hope', and what great things it can do. Carrying this hope with him, Brian keeps up his adventure, to the day he is finally rescued.

This adventurous book presents the theme "Man versus nature", for Brian Robeson survives through the many dangers in the Canadian woods, and is rescued by a plane. He meets many beings such as the bear and cubs, the porcupine, wolves, and more. He eats, lives with, and competes with these animals, and this shows us the city boy has finally become a boy of the nature. The Brian at the start and the Brian at the end are completely different, and this means the theme can also be "Change".

If there are miracles in the world, this story is definitely a part of them. The miracle is not only about Brian getting rescue, but it is also about him changing into a more mature and hopeful himself. The boy's life indeed changed, and his life in the future will be happier still. I do not wish to stay in the wilderness, but I do wish that the miraculous change will come to me
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