Hate And Love, And American Values In America

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America is a driven nation in which everyone has different motivators which produce varied results in society and the lives of the Americans. Hate and love, as well as selfishness and selflessness are the primary motivators of individuals as they cause the most amount of passion and debate. Morals will impact these values and cause them to change to match the situation along with the feelings of the individual. At times, these values may contradict each other, such as hate and love or selfishness versus selflessness, yet these contradictions are necessary for its inverse to exist. Without hate, love would not exist. Selfless actions could not be recognized if not for selfish actions. The effect morals have on the individual would go unobserved if there was not a range of beliefs. Although its’ values can contradict one another, American values are what drives America to the success that it praises itself for.
Hate and love are seen as antonyms when in reality the two ideas come in a pair. In order to hate, one must have known love before for as it is impossible to hate something without caring about it in some form. It is very easy for love to develop into hate, and vice versa. Hate will lead to exclusion and bad choices while love will unify and bind the nation together, making it stronger. Although an individual’s or a nation’s goal may be for peace, the result can be hatred if proper steps laid out in Just War Theory are not taken. Just War Theory acknowledges that there

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