Hate Crime And Mass Shootings Essay

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America 's Greatest Threats: Domestic Terrorism, Hate Crimes and Mass Shootings

I. Introduction Executive Order 13224 on Terrorist Financing under the guidelines of the United States (U.S) National Emergency Act (Pub. L. 94-412) went into effect on September 24, 2001 by President George W. Bush and remains active, for the reason that President Barak Obama, kept the order in an uninterrupted state of emergency throughout his presidency. Due to the guidelines of the statute, national state of emergencies expires one year after enactment; therefore President Donald Trump will has the option of renewing the order before it expires on September 23, 2017. Since 9/11, the intelligence communities continue to pursue and track down
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The U.S. government is fully aware that mass killings and hate crimes are distant relatives and close cousins to domestic terrorism, so in lieu of sponsoring a bill to reclassify the definition of domestic terrorism, lawmakers like Texas Senator John Cornyn and North Carolina Representative Richard Hudson sponsor bills such as the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H. R. 38) which will allow individuals with a license to conceal carry in one state permission to conceal carry in every state, regardless of State 's gun laws The U.S. continues to implement effective initiatives and provide adequate resources for the war on international terrorism; whereas the threat magnitude of international terrorism is miniscule in comparison to the number of mass shootings and hate crimes which take place in this country on a daily basis. Acts of terrorism plants fear and terror into the hearts and minds of individuals but when mass shootings occur in the U.S., they get classified as murder or hate crimes. This research will show that mass shootings and hate crimes inflict the same type of terror in the hearts and minds of individuals throughout communities within the U.S. as terrorist attacks have inflicted on communities.
II. What is Domestic Terrorism? There is no single, universal definition to define terrorism, but
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