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Dealing with Hate Crime Dealing with hate crime should be given the highest priority in America. Hate crimes have devastated many families and communities. Hate crimes grooms terrorist in their own country. It plants seeds of hate in the heart of men. Every day, a hate crime happens in public, school, community, and homes all around America. Most hate crimes do not go on report in America because the public does not see it as a hate crime. Traditionally, the FBI only investigated crimes that a perpetrator committed based on bias against a victim on the basis of race, religion or national origin. Research shows that recently, the FBI had been investigating a crime where the victim engagement is related to federally activity. Accorded to…show more content…
This white mob lynching was also directed to other group’s Native American, Mexicans and Chinese. The white mob staged this violence in public places for crowd to witness. The local law enforcement refused to get involved for fear of public execution and they did not want to provoke disorder among the public. (Wood, 2009) Hate crime policies pose a dilemma. They have been criticized for being impractical. For instance, a national survey research conducted in1999 found that 95% of people support the hate crime laws. However, writers argue that hate crime laws penalize the free speech and freedom of thought as well. These laws are a result of special interest groups who lobby for legislation that meet their needs. Supporters for hate crime recognize that these laws and policies are effected to promote the maintenance of civil society. On the other hand, these laws safeguard people from violence against special interest groups. Lastly, after 911 human right advocates have expressed concerning and seeking policies that establish hate crime laws in workplace and inter group. Kahan argues that the point is whether the law’s legitimate motives is right or wrong. It hate crime punish is appropriately for the crime. According to his opponent, hate crime violates a person based on their race. The writer states that laws must evaluate motion and determine whether the crime was committed under

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