Essay on Hate Crime

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Hate Crime

Violence motivated by a bias against victims’ characteristics which include race, religion, ethnic background, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation, represents a serious threat to all communities. Experts estimate that a bias-related crime is committed every 14 minutes. Criminal justice officials and state policy makers need to realize that it is key to make or adjust hate crime legislation. This has been a heated debate for centuries. The key to solving the ever-growing problem of hate crimes is more hate crime legislation.

The first legislative efforts to address bias-related crimes, dated back to the late 19th century, which was a response to the expanding Ku Klux Klan
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One argument is if hate crime laws are put into place, it darkens the lines between groups of people. How is this promoting tolerance? It shows people that we are equal by the very fact that the U.S government is not going to put up with crimes that are against someone because they are different.
Another argument is that the government should not punish people more harshly based on their feelings that motivated their crime, instead of the crime committed. The reason behind a crime is just as important than the crime committed. For example, let’s say, a woman killed her husband just by merely shooting him, maybe for self defense. Now, if we were just looking at the crime she would be guilty and would have to go to jail. Obviously this is ridiculous. Her defending herself is what should be on trial not just the fact that she killed her husband. This is not what the argument is really about, it’s about plain out murders but the U.S is all about a mixture of people. This is what makes the United States so great. The United States needs to have hate-crime legislation. Crimes are obviously awful but when it is purely because one is different, it goes against everything America stands for. As our former President said, “These are not like other crimes, because these crimes target people simply because of who they are, and because they do, they strike at the heart of who we are as a nation.”

Another key argument against hate

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