Hate Crime: The Case of Matthew Shepard

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Matthew Shepard was a 21 year old freshman in college at the University of Wyoming when he was robbed and then killed in a hate crime on October 7, 1998 by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson for being gay. As a result of his death, Matthew Shepard became a symbol and a motivator for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights and movements. Matthew Shepard was the child of Judy and Dennis Shepard born on December 1, 1976, who was in public schools in Laramie, Wyoming until his junior year of school. It was at this time that he moved to Saudi Arabia with his family. There were no American Schools in Saudi Arabia, so Matthew finished high school at The American School in Switzerland. “In both schools he was elected by his classmates as a peer counselor.” (adl) “Matthew’s experiences overseas fueled his love for travel. He explored Europe and learned multiple languages.” (matt-s story) Matthew Shepard was a young man who was accepting and optimistic. He put his friends and family first and had a knack for relating to almost everyone. He was a person that you could always approach and loved challenges. Matthew loved equality and stood up for the differences in everyone. He became active in his community theater on and off stage because of his love for acting. “Matthew went to various colleges and universities but ended up at the University of Wyoming in Laramie studying foreign languages and relations, as well as, political science.” (matts story) On October 7, 1998,

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