Hate Crimes And Riots

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Intro: Political crimes can be simplified into two categories, oppositional and state, reducing that further into violent and nonviolent subgroups. Specifically, violent oppositional crimes are acts that intend to cause harm to the state in any number of ways (Class Lecture, 9/6/17). Two acts that are most interesting are hate crimes and riots, which can influence or cause one another. The frequency of these crimes causes resources to be over saturated for these topics which can lead to inaccurate information being spread around. Due to how closely these violent oppositional crimes intersect, it is important to further look into the theories surrounding hate crimes and riots, as well as efficiently researching these acts in reliable ways.…show more content…
An example of a direct attack on an individual is the murder of James Byrd, an African-American man who was tied to a truck and dragged three miles by white supremacists (Helfgott 352). These three white supremacists are just a few of the many who are involved in the hundreds of hate groups in the United States, such as the Aryan Nation, the White Patriot Party, and the neo-Nazis. Although their targets are predominantly individuals, groups like businesses and religious organizations can also fall victim to hate crimes.
Why worth examining: This type of crime is interesting because the target is chosen solely on who they are as a person and not on an act they have done. The perpetrators commit these harmful offenses based entirely on stereotypes and biases that they have on individuals of specific groups, not because they actually know the other person’s character and disagree with their opinions. This crime is important and worth examining because it contributes to the many other aspects of social injustice. Hate crimes put minority groups in danger and can make them live in fear of being attacked at any moment. There are thousands of hate crime victims each year who are attacked because of certain characteristics that make them who they are and they cannot change. This reality that many people face should cause others to be more politically aware of these types of crimes.
Riots: A political crime can occur in a variety of
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