Hate Crimes. Criminologist Essay

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Hate Crimes
Meshanda Rolland-Avera
March 21, 2012
Ms. Valery Reed

Hate Crimes
Hate crimes are many different criminal acts such as vandalism, arson, assault, and even murder. Many hate crimes are based on an individual’s race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and disabilities. Everyone can be potential victims of hate crimes. Anyone from any social class can be considered targets for hate crimes. If you or a group believes in a different religion or speaks a different language and the offenders do not approve, then they will target you. No one can be really safe and overcome hate crimes if they are being targeted. It is a cruel and depressing world. With help as a community can stop hate crimes.
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This is usually the start of their careers. Many use their Criminal Justice degree to join law enforcement agencies, such as medical examiners, FBI agents, or police officers. Others go into the educational field and conduct research or teach (Criminal Justice, 2011). A criminologist develops profiles of criminal behavior by using studies and research that examine environmental factors, psychological behavior, educational levels, social issues, and biological factors. Criminologists also develop statistics about crimes by using certain tools obtain from law enforcement agencies (Criminal Justice, 2011). By organizing statistics and developing profiles into meaningful information, a criminologist uses these techniques in trying to develop ways to prevent criminal behavior. State and federal agencies, US customs, private security companies, and drug enforcement agencies all employ criminologists as well (Criminal Justice, 2011).
Criminologist have been working hard to characterize the people who are capable of committing crimes that are based only on the characteristics of another person or group, and they have been able to empower people who live in specific neighborhoods that have been set up for targeting and often experiences the effects of hate crimes (Criminal Justice,
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