Hate Crimes, Racism, and Prejudice Examined in The Museum of Tolerance

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The Museum of Tolerance is a museum that examines hate-crimes around the world caused by racism and prejudice. The museum focuses mainly on the history of Holocaust, out of all hate crimes in the world. However, when digging through the museum, the Museum of Tolerance appeared to be biased in a way with their portrayal of many images.
The formal title of the museum is the Museum of Tolerance. They chose this title, because they want to promote tolerance and understanding of hate crimes in our schools and communities. Instead of naming their museum, “Museum of Tolerance”, they could have chosen the title, “Remembering The Holocaust”, since the museum mainly focuses on the Holocaust.
When touring inside the museum, it was obvious that they want to reach out to everyone because of its multicultural atmosphere. The museum had their lights bright on materials that were significant. The design of the museum was a modern theme, which made the place look universal and multicultural. After exploring their gallery, it was clear that they want to let everyone think more positively before making any prejudices, which can lead to bullying, oppression, hate crimes, and etc.
The gallery had many images of international oppression, but they chose to emphasize more on the Holocaust, as main examples of hate crimes. This is probably because the museum was made by the Jewish human rights organization, Simon Wiesenthal Center. The museum portrayed how there are crimes against humanity all…

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