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Hate Groups           In today’s society where differences between people are magnified and everyone is discussing diversity, tensions between different groups are remarkably high. The extreme of this tension is brought out in hate groups. Hate groups play off of the stereotypes of specific peoples. They use these generalities in their relentless and often violent persecution of those different from themselves.           There are many groups that practice in such ways, most of them preaching white supremacy. The main goal of these groups is the advancement of the white race by the segregation of other cultures from society. The Ku Klux…show more content…
They also have a 12 point system of political beliefs that gives one a good idea of what the Klan is about: 1) stop immigration 2) drug tests for people on welfare 3) quarantine everyone with AIDS 4) make the purchase of American lands illegal for non-Americans 5) no free trade with other countries that hurts American workers 6) death penalty for repeat drug offenders 7) workfare not welfare 8) American troops on the border to stop illegal immigrants 9) no affirmative action 10) all laws controlling guns should be unconstitutional 11) bring back the Bible into society 12) stop abortion.           Also a white supremacist group, Posse Comitatus is very concerned the removal of Jewish people from American society. They feel that Jews are literally the children of Satan and are a very militaristic hate group. Over 85% of their members are war veterans. They also claim that communism is a Jewish idea. Another of these groups is the Aryan Nation. They are a Neo-Nazi organization with close ties to the KKK and Posse Comitatus. The National Alliance is also a Neo-Nazi who want an all white society. They even want cultural differences between groups of whites it be eliminated. They want their society to be free of non white influences also such as jazz or rock music since they were pioneered by blacks.           Another type of white supremacist is the skinhead. They are

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