Hate Is Stronger Than Love

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Hate Is Stronger Than Love In romeo and juliet i think hate is strong than love . In the beginning romeo was in love with someone else named rosaline. Rosaline was not in love with him and he was sad about that . Romeo’s father noticed that their was something wrong with him , he wanted benvolio to find out . Benvolio asked romeo what was wrong with him and he said he was in love with someone who did not love him back . Romeo was depressed , he felt like his heart was breaking into a million pieces. Romeo loves way too quickly , he got married to juliet really fast . Her mother forces her to marry paris , she doesn’t know about juliet and romeo's marriage. Juliet thinks paris is a nice guy but he is not the guy for her . Her heart belongs to someone else , but her mother did not know about the marriage between romeo and juliet . She couldn’t tell them about the marriage between her and romeo because she felt like her parents would do something horrible . Paris asked friar laurence if he could perform the wedding , but he was a little unwilling because he had already married juliet to romeo. Lady Capulet starts wedding planning , juliet goes to friar laurence to get a potion. Friar laurence tells her that the potion won’t kill her , but it will make her fall…show more content…
If it wasn’t for family feud , tybalt wouldn’t have killed mercutio. They all could of have been friends , but they hated each other so much that they would ruin happiness for both romeo and juliet. Tybalt made things worse for everyone especially romeo , he killed mercutio so romeo killed him . Tybalt expected romeo to do nothing after what happened , tybalt didn’t expect romeo to come after him. If tybalt were to just listen to romeo and leave , mercutio wouldn’t have died. Tybalt was the main cause of everything. I wonder what would happen if tybalt wasn’t juliet’s cousin , would have things been different? He wouldn’t have killed mercutio and romeo wouldn’t have killed
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