Hate To Benefit?

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Hate to Benefit The white men’s power changed lives, families, counties, and a continent, because of the belief of superiority over others. Throughout centuries people divided themselves into different individuals through their race and skin color. In the late 1800s, Europeans had the urge to relentlessly define Africans as barbarians and a lower class citizens (Lange). Europe was going through major economic changes at this moment in history. The industrial revolution allowed more goods to be made for cheap and enriched the European countries. However, the main source was slowing declining in Europe – natural resources. The Europeans found a way to refill their resources and state their actions as a way of promising improvement. France, British,…show more content…
Early Americans used slavery as a form of free labor to improve their economy standard and environment. To them slavery was acceptable because it was beneficial for the country. In comparison, Europeans’ believed that taking advantage of the Africans was beneficial for their economy. Therefore, Americans began to see this purpose of separation as a beneficial concept towards humanity. Many leaders, such as Hitler, used Social Darwinism to improve him and his country (Hoffmann). Hitler was knew to take many unethical actions, such as killing his own nationality man in the gas chambers. He justified his actions by stating that Jews were damaging the country (Large). Colonists, however, got away with their actions. This process changed the view of humanity, because it showed how cruel people get just to succeed. Not only the colonists, but every leader that used Social Darwinism taught people the factor of being hearth-less and using power to achieve success for oneself. The European mindset destroyed many African families even after the 1940s (Lange). In essence, Africans began to struggle even after all the damage was done. These colonists made African tribes fight each other, and promoted hate among them because of their religion and…show more content…
The continent fell apart due to slavery that was conducted by the colonists, whom took over African tribes (Ayers). Many men left their families to work at mines and cut lumber; therefore, families lack a father figure in their household. Soon after, the tribes began to fall apart because Europeans spread hatred among them. These consequences do not stop and at Africa. The idea of separation than spread through nations. Americans began to occupy slavery, and many other nations looked down upon Africa and Africans. Furthermore, the African communities began separating and fighting each other. Therefore, the Colonialism in Africa did not really benefit anyone, instead it ruined many families, neighbors, and promoted slavery. These consequences are shown in the modern world, such as ISIS, they are created due to the weakened government in the Middle East. The United States, like the Europeans, colonized the Middle East in order to “rebuild the corrupted government” (Large). However, instead Americans created a bigger mess and ISIS began to deploy. On the other hand, Colonists caused Africans to die and fight each other. Hatred humans have among each other due to nationality and race results in brutal endings. Therefore, the consequences of hate results in more of a violent and bloodshed, which concludes that hatred destroys humanity. The consequences obtained by hate could be
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