Hate You Rice Experiment

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I conducted an experiment using rice to determine whether or not my words and actions would have effect on it. In order to conduct this experiment, I needed three cleaned jars with lids and white rice. I first cooked three cups of rice without adding any additives. Once the rice was fluffy and soft, I put one cup of rice in each of the three jars I had. One of the jars I labeled Love You while the second one was labeled Hate You. Finally, the third jar was labeled Ignore You. All of the three jars were tightly closed and placed in separate places. The Ignore You jar was placed in the closet. The Love You jar was placed on a shelf next to my desk and the Hate You jar was placed on top of my dresser. I was to talk nicely to my Love You rice and…show more content…
I pretended that it was my mom so that it was easier for me to show how much I value it. On the other hand, I pretended that the Hate You rice was a former friend who I could not stand. I was able to say all the things I was unable to say to that person. In addition, I only looked at Ignore You rice when I took pictures of it, but I did not say a word to it. The rice did not change at all for the first four days. However, on the fifth day, both Ignore You and Love You rice started to rotten. They both had one rice that was rotting at the tip of it. By the end of week one all three jars of rice had started to rotten. I decided to switch the place that Hate You jar and Love You jar were because at this point the Hate You jar continued to look the best. I thought that even though I was talking nicely to my Love You rice, it continue to change because it was close to my laptop and I often listened to music that contains inappropriate language. At the beginning of week two I noticed that Ignore You rice continued to change in color. I also noticed that the Love You rice was not changing as much as before. I continued to talked to the rice over other night and it seemed like only the Ignore You was rotting little more. I noticed that it was rotting faster at end of week because it used to rot in chunks, but during this week only individual grain of rice were rotting. During this week, my nieces and nephews came…show more content…
However this week it was back to rotting in chunks, while Love You and Hate You continue to look pretty much the same. Towards the middle of this week, I noticed that the rice were not rotting in anymore, but instead the places that had already rotten were now changing in color. The rotten places used to look like black, but now it changed to a gay color. The Ignore You rice was now developing a white spider web looking thing on the top of the rotted area. Towards the end of the week I did not look at Ignore You anymore, but Love You and Hate You remain the same. Although the results were not as expected I continue to talk to the rice every other night. The fourth week was very different from the previous three weeks. At this time, Ignore You rice stopped rotting completely. I noticed that only Love You rice rotted a little more, but not much of a difference. I did not understand why the Hate You rice looked better than the Love You rice throughout the four weeks. During this week, I decided to talk to it every day to see it a made a difference. In addition, I also put on some music to both the Hate You and Love You rice. However, it did not have any effect on
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