Haunted Houses By Patricia D. Netzley: Summary

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Haunted Houses

This book report is over Haunted Houses by Patricia D. Netzley. The book is part of a series called The Mystery Library. The main goal of the series is to examine strange and often unbelieveable or unexplainable events. The author’s writes this series and her other books for the age range of kids to young adults. This book in particular goes into depth about the history of haunted house and everything surrounding them like sightings, ghosts, poltergeist, speaking to spirits, and investigation. The introduction starts with explaining that there are usually always the same telltale signs of a haunted house. Quite often when someone speaks of a hauntings they mention cold spots, doors unexplainably locking, mysterious footsteps, and strange yet recognizable noises and/or odors. The explanation for this is typically a ghost, which modern researchers define as an image of a person, animal, or thing that appears regularly but unexplainably in a particular place. Surprisingly, in public polls
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A violent spirit is more typically know as a poltergeist and is has been shown in one study that they impact sixty-two percent of teens under eighteen, living away from home. Also, poltergeist activity tends to be person centered, however it can be associated with a house. One such case of it be house centered was the Amityville Horror house. This house had supposedly such bad activity that the owners, sold the house and immediately left. Since then the story of the house was turn in books and even movies. Scientist try to explain poltergeist activity with ground setting, which can cause objects to slide, fall from shelves or walls, appear to be thrown and furniture can even jump. Many things that are associated with ground settling are also report in the supposed poltergeist
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