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Hausser Foods is clearly experiencing a decline in sales growth due mostly to competition and a decline in population growth. The case focuses mostly on the southeast sales region; however the decline in sales growth is affecting the entire company. The lack of new ideas by the sales force is primarily due to a lack of reflective and adequate encouragement from HDQ as well as a fear or concern that such new ideas for sales revenue might actually burden the sales force in the following year through increased sales targets.
In particular, the Florida HFP sales found a great revenue opportunity with elderly clientele. They noticed a clear demand for baby food and were able to utilize this new and growing market to help meet and
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The regional sales manager responsibilities require one to be in direct contact with field salesman who are interacting with the clients. The position clearly requires going beyond office reports and excel spreadsheets. It requires a direct and hands-on approach – like getting to know your sales force intimately as well as their clients. Whether this importance is communicated and encouraged by HFP HDQ to new MBA hires, is unclear.
Other individuals may well qualify for the regional sales manager position despite not having an MBA. For example, Jay Boyar, the high school graduate and District sales manager for the Florida team, is described by his team as being non-controlling and supportive and is taken to be “one of them.” Such a person might be an ideal candidate because he positively reinforces his team in different ways and thus brings out a more than average performance from his team. However, without a greater cultural change, including the broader sales compensation structure, big challenges still exist.
MBAs can accomplish the objectives of a regional sales manager, as is clearly proven within the company’s history; however he or she would need more than just the technical skills attained in business school. Bright MBAs would need to be ready to roll up their sleeves, and go to the field with their team in order to understand the selling dynamics, but more importantly, the customer. Perhaps a management training program for all new hires that outlines these

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