Havaianas Case Study

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Class 3: Case Study Havaianas: A Brazilian Brand Goes Global Question 1: What factors could explain the success of Havaianas in becoming a global brand? 1.) Stable and well developed economic background through acquisitions and expansions lead to a huge sandal market share * Sao Paulo Alpargatas exists since 1939, specialization in four business units: (sandals, sporting goods, industrial textile and retail) * Controling Shareholder (67%): Camargo Correa Group with operation in 20 countries * Acquisition of Companhia Brasileira de Sandalias (Dupé brand) in 2006 leads to increased share in the Brazilian flip flop market * Acquisition of 60% of Alpargatas Argentina to expand in Latin America 2.) Long…show more content…
1.) Consumers love the “Made in Brazil factor” * This is one of the most sustainable factors of Havaianas’ competitive advantage as long as the positive Brazilian image not changes 2.) Bigger size than its competitors: Economies of Scale * This success factor is hard to replicate and creates a sustainable competitive advantage as well as a cost advantage * Production in the northeast of Brazil, Santa Rita, in order to reduce costs, increase productivity and further streamline the logistic network * Headquters in

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