Have Advance Directives Failed?

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In this paper, I will discuss advance directives, what it is, and the reason for it. I will talk about the issues that are currently facing advance directives care and talk about whether it has failed, or not. Finally, I will prove my stand on the issues with evidence. What is Advance Directives? An Advance directive is a living will, which allows one to document their wishes concerning medical treatments at the end of life. Even though it’s optional, but all health care facilities are required by law to ask patients if they have one, and offer them the appropriate information, and documents to sign if they want it. There are two basic kinds of advance directives, living wills, and…show more content…
As stated by Levine (2010), "completion rates among patient groups run only 4% to 25%" (p. 63). Inaccessibility Another reason why I think advance care directives have failed is because, it is not always accessible. Some people don't remember where they put them or either in the vent of emergency, it is with a family member, and they are on vacation. Others locked it up in safe deposit box, thinking that it will be safe there until they need it, but when emergency arose such as car accident, advance directive is not there where it is needed most. Healthcare Facilities Contribution to the Failure Hospitals and other health care facilities also contribute to the failure of advance care directives, by failing to include copy of the patients advance directives in his or her chart. Physicians may be unaware of a patients advance directives, even when the document is placed in the patients chart. Healthcare directives have failed because, we as healthcare providers don't enforce it. For example, upon admissions we may ask the question do you have one, but we do not express the importance of an advance care directive to our patients. Failure of an advanced care directive can simply be because; the form was started but never completed. Due to human factor mistakes sometimes happen, a person that has chosen “Do not resuscitate” may be resuscitated, and prolong his or her life vice versa. In an emergency situation especially those that

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