Have Cell Phones Made School Easier

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Could Cell Phones Make School Easier?

Are cell phones making school harder for students? They might actually make it easier for the present and the future. Social media is getting more and more popular, and there won’t be any stopping it anytime soon. Yes, cell phones can be distracting, but students need cell phones in class because teachers assign lots of work on the internet, also, a student can choose to play on their phone instead of learning a lesson and get a zero on all their papers if they want, and finally, students could use a little bit of break time from working all day.

Teachers assign a lot of homework in class that students cannot access without being on the internet. With an increasing amount of apps for schoolwork, such as Google Classroom, Quizlet, and much more, a majority of teachers are assigning schoolwork online. It is true that some schools have Google Chromebooks and they can access these things, but not all schools have them. If students were allowed on their phones in class then they would be able to access more work, and teachers would have more chances of giving work and extra credit assignments.

Students having access to their phones can teach them responsibility. They need to learn responsibility for college and their future job. And if they are allowed to get on their phone
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There is an increasing number of apps on cell phones that allow teachers to assign work that wouldn’t normally be reachable. Students can learn responsibility from resisting the urge of getting on their phones during class time. Students will work better when they get a fresh break from working hard all day in school. If students are continuing to succeed with cell phones in class, why should we feel the need to take them
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