Have I Ever Been Broke? To The Point That I Feel Helpless

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Have I ever been broke? To the point that I feel helpless and have no direction in where to begin the next step in my life. A man can take so much and feel that you cannot pick yourself up and move forward. After my high school graduation, I was employed in a construction company working as a drafter and estimator. A point in my life that I felt I was doing something good in my life. I worked for a company that treated each other like family and I enjoyed waking up every morning going to work. Fast forward three years and in year 2009, I was let go from the company due to the financial crisis happening that time and at that moment I felt helpless, because I finally asked my girlfriend to marry me. With no job, no savings, no career path, I…show more content…
I enrolled at Rio Salado College to acquire an Associate Degree and transfer to ASU to graduate with my Bachelor Degree in Graphic Information Technology. It’s the year 2017 and I got accepted at ASU which felt like pieces of my broken life got back together again. It felt uplifting that I’m one step closer to finish my education and start a career that I will truly enjoy. The definition of entrepreneur is taking a big financial step which then you overcome obstacles that leads to your company’s success. For example, Steve Jobs creating Apple which change how we listen to music and how we communicate which one another at a global scale. Do I consider myself an entrepreneur or do I plan to be, well first I have to create something, an idea that will gain success in my life. I’m I already taking a financial step to attain a Bachelor degree? I’m taking a financial risk, to further my career and acquire a job in a company where you can share your ideas and gain experience and skills to maybe start your own company. My life experiences to become an entrepreneur is none. I’ve been working in a job where there is no teamwork, hardly any officer interaction, boredom, lack of expanding your skills and been doing this for seven years now. I watch, secure, and direct inmates to where they need to be that I found myself wanting something better. You get tired of doing the
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