Have People Gone Google Eyed

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Have People Gone Google Eyed Is the internet really changing the way humans think, or have people just become really good at adapting with the progression of today’s technology? There are many arguments whether an individual’s thinking has changed over the past twenty years. Some would say that the human brain is just an outdated computer in need of a better and faster processer. As humans there is always a need for the next big thing. People today are obsessed with speed; the quicker they can get it to go the better. This problem, known as digitalization, is fueling the human brain with an obsession for speed. With an obsession for speed, could bring rise to shorter attention spans. In today’s rapidly growing technological world, people only like things in one way, quick and easy. For a lot of people, younger or older, information and entertainment are now only acceptable if they are delivered in very brief formats. People who used to sit down on Sunday mornings and read the newspaper are now simply scanning headlines and articles because they might appear too long. Today in classrooms, because technology has shortened attention spans, many schools must be equipped with the latest desktop computers, laptops and touchscreen projector boards to keep the students engaged in the learning. For people that want things quick and easy, sometimes the information they retrieve from the internet now arrives quicker than they can pull it out of their own memories. For

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