Have The Minimalists Been Co-Covered By Popular Music?

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Have the minimalist been co-opted by popular music? What elements are used and which are discarded? Provide a detailed examination of a particular piece.

Minimalism is the art that began Post World War II which was music that usually used a lot of repetition and iteration. It is also known as music that is or was spare or stripped to its essentials. The term Minimal music employs limited or minimal musical material. Its stylistic features are established on the repetition of changing common chords which was usually slow or even notes that were quite diatonic to more that one particular key which was in a steady kind of rhythm, overlaid by some melodic lyrics. “It utilizes repetitive melodic patterns, consonant harmonies, motoric rhythms and
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No matter what Genre, it has used similar minimalist features, due to the fact that repetition has created this effect on the human mind and made us catch on and remember a certain tune. Reasons to why its called “Popular Music” is simply because it belongs to a wide number of musical genres and are performed and distributed to a massive number of audience through out the music industry. Listeners of Popular music can simply have little or no musical training which is why it is so enjoyable for all to listen…show more content…
EDM was used in the United States around 1985 but didn’t catch on till 1990s. It is usually produced as a live mix; this is when the DJ creates a sort of seamless selection of recorded tracks after the other. Within this style there are many genres which makes this a large style of Music. EDM Music has feature of Minimalist Music, an example of this would be Bruno Pronsato’s “Open Your Eyes”. This track is quite dark but also quite funky, where he used vocal sounds and somewhat blends the genres together. It uses many repetitive idealist features such as the melodic tune then uses note addition where the tune builds on top of each other. A minimalist example of this would be electric counterpoint by Steve Reich because it builds on a simple melody then layers on top of each other as the composition progresses. It also uses the technique melodic transformation where basically a melody gradually changes shape, in this particular piece the music start off quite low to begin with, using a bass guitar, the as the use of note addition is added a varied range of tone is introduced, such as the voices used, they were quite high which contrasted the sound and as the piece progressed the melody began to change key then towards the end dropped in key again. The use of speech reminds me of Tihillim by Steve Reich again, and may have been influenced by that or because it is so commonly used in this type of
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