Have You Ever Heard Of The Saying “Cause There’S A Two

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Have you ever heard of the saying “cause there’s a two for one down at the corner store.” For many years people would consider going to a corner store rather than a grocery store. Despite how small, a corner store is a business that sells groceries and a limited range of household goods for reasonable and cheap prices in mainly residential areas. The store is a destination business for customers to visit. Everyone in that neighborhood will utilize a corner store when they need to buy something quick. Over in Jamaica Queens people worship corner store. Corner stores are where you can buy something fast, were you meet your friends before going to school or just to get a drink and hang out. Jamaica Queens is more of an Urban town with a…show more content…
Three blocks up from the store was a supermarket called C-town. This store was very larger then a local convenience stores and also carried more goods like frozen meats and vegetables, the store also had a huge parking lot. There store may have been larger and could hold more customers but the pries of goods were way more expensive then usual. The store was one level on the outside of the store there is the logo of the store the its white and green and attracts the eye. As soon as I walked in the store an employee named Martinez greeted me. On left hand corner there was the counter were all the candy is stored in the glass cases. Behind the counter are goods and over the counter medication. There was another employee behind the counter working the cash register here name was Cariella. Further down there is there is another counter filled with fresh ingredients to make sandwiches of all types. Behind the grill was the same employee that greeted me Martinez. Further down on the left of the stores there are more goods and household items including paper plates, cups, detergents, garbage bags ect. On the right hand corner there are freezers containing beverages of all sorts. In the middle of the store there are 2 racks filled with snacks including hostess cakes, chips, chocolate chip cookies and more. In the back of the store there are electronics goods for instance batteries, head phones

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