Have You Ever Met Someone With Parkinson's Disease

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Have you ever met someone with Parkinson’s Disease? Typically when you learn about a genetic condition you have many unanswered questions. In this paper I will inform you on the biology of the disorder, the characteristics, and how having Parkinson’s Disease might impact a persons life.

When you analysis on this topic you will find that Parkinson’s Disease is a genetic disorder. This genetic disorder is very severe and can cause many problems to the brain. Parkinson’s disease occurs when nerve cells, or neurons, in an area of the brain that controls movement become impaired and die. A person’s brain slowly stops producing a neurotransmitter called dopamine. With less and less dopamine, a person has less and less ability to regulate their movement, body and emotions.
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Ths means that you will be able to identify if a person has this genetic disorder by looking at them. Some other characteristics are small cramped handwriting, not being able to walk or move from one place to another, and low voice volume. Loss of sense of smell, weight loss, and trouble sleeping.

In my opinion I believe that having Parkinson's Disease can affect a person’s life in many ways. One way it can affect a person’s life is that they may possibly only live up to anywhere between 10-20 years after being diagnosed. Having Parkinson’s Disease affects the way you move. It happens when there is a problem with certain nerve cells in the brain. Normally, these nerve cells make an important chemical called dopamine. Dopamine sends signals to the part of your brain that controls movement.

As you have read, there are many things to learn about Parkinson’s Disease. It is a genetic disorder and is evident at birth. Having this genetic condition can impact a person’s life by not being able to move and participate in a number of
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