Have You Ever Seen A Cruelty Free Symbol In The Shape Of

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Have you ever seen a cruelty free symbol in the shape of a rabbit on the back of a shampoo bottle? That means the bottle’s contents were made without it being tested on an animal first. But what if the symbol wasn’t on the bottle? Have you ever thought of what would happen to that bunny you would usually see in a pet store? To answer this question, commonly, animals put through experimentation are put through force feeding, food deprivation, and inflictions of wounds. That bunny probably is not okay right now. Cosmetic companies all over the world endanger the lives of animals to test toxicity and irritation of products. In order to test these characteristics, the products are placed on the skin and eyes of animals. If a rash occurs, or if…show more content…
This gives humans a superiority, which leads them to believe that harming animals does not need consent and is allowed. Therefore, animal testing should be illegal because the harming of helpless animals although they are capable of experiencing pain, is immoral. It also gives an unnecessary feeling of superiority to those inflicting the pain upon them. (Arguments) (Animals) Animal experimentation has proven to be barbaric so far, but did you know it could also be unreliable? ¨94 percent of drugs that pass animal tests fail in human clinical trials.¨ (Animal) To accurately test drugs for the safety of the human race, animals would need to be extremely similar to humans, however that is not the case. For example, animals do not get as many diseases as humans do, such as alzheimer 's or HIV, drugs like as aspirin could be fatal to animals, and foods, like chocolate or macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs. Humans, as we all know, experience the opposite. Also, ¨using rodents such as rats, to test the safeness of a drug is only error-free 43 percent of the time. ¨(Arguments) In a laboratory there can be multiple variables causing the drug tested to be unreliable. For example, if the animal is stressed, it can influence the results of the test. ¨Stressed rats, for example, develop chronic inflammatory conditions and intestinal leakage, which add variables that can confound data.¨(Akhtar) Therefore, using animals to test if drug is safe for
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