Have You Ever Seen Successful People Fall Into Panic? If

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Have you ever seen successful people fall into panic? If so, do you think they are truly successful? Unfortunately, everyone can fail to control their emotions. Even celebrities from all over the world can become angry or depressed by some bad situations because they fail to control their emotions, but they do not ‘completely’ fail to control their emotion so they do not fall into panic. There is no actual statistic result or proof showing that celebrity as a career expose people in danger of the panic disorder but they do have a high possibility to have the panic disorder with agoraphobia. Since the job as a celebrity have to stand in front of the crowd of people and have to always be watched by people, celebrities are suffering with…show more content…
Numerous stresses in everyday life lead people to panic and have panic disorders, which absolutely need treatment. This disorder brings seriousness if left without any treatments. It may worsen to the time when the person might have to step into the attempts to try to avoid that. This attacks anytime with no reason, which means it begins suddenly. Panic disorder was newly founded as psychiatric condition that followed after anxiety disorders. 6 million adults in U.S.A suffers with panic disorder and all countries have at least 2 people out of 10 with panic disorders. Symptoms of panic disorder include difficulty breathing, chest pain, intense feeling of terror and dread, shortness of breath,feeling the sense of choking or smothering, dizziness, headache or feeling faint, trembling and shaking, sweating, nausea or stomachache, tingling or numbness in the fingers and toes, chills or hot flashes, and a fear of losing control. Most important key symptom of the panic disorder is the constant fright of having future panic attacks. The fearness comes from the disorder cause the patients to avoid places and situations where an attack has been happened or they think it may occur. The problem with this enormous amount of people with this disorder is that they do not know if their symptoms are real and not very highly responsive about treatment for themselves. This disorder often show the occurrences of other disorders. anxiety disorders
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