Have You Ever Thought About Smoking An E Cig?

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Eyad Daoud
Alyson Dickerman
December 11, 2014

Have you ever thought about smoking an E-Cig?

Smoking cigarettes is the direct cause of 90 percent of lung cancer deaths and 80-90 percent of Chronic Bronchitis deaths. You 've all probably seen a cigarette before. You 've probably even smelled cigarette smoke before. Most of everyone knows the dangers that come with it, unless you live under a rock. In the United States alone there are more than 42 million people that smoke cigarettes! That’s an incredible amount. Do you know how many deaths smoking cigarettes cause?

There is now a way to help smokers stay healthy and live in a better world, because of the addiction and the dangers of smoking; some people resorted to
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What about electronic cigarettes? What are they? An E-cig is a battery-powered vaporizer created to simulate smoking. It’s fairly new, and not much information about its risks and benefits are known. However, electronic cigarettes don’t carry the same risks as normal cigarettes do. Like stated before cigarettes contain over 4,000 different types of harmful chemicals, which the electronic cigarettes do not. Lets get back to cigarettes.

Did you know 90 percent of lung cancer in men is directly related to smoking and 80 percent of lung cancer in women is caused by cigarettes? Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the world! Lets take a second and sway away from the harmful affects of smoking. What about the causes smoking can have on your appearance. How many smokers have you met with pearly white teeth? Not many is probably the answer, most smokers also carry the horrible stench that cigarettes give off as well as horrible wrinkles and bags that go along with the yellowish eyes you achieve from smoking. If you’re a constant smoker you’re probably immune to the smell, but not the people around you that don’t smoke. The worst part is that stench is
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