Have You Ever Thought About Why So Many Kids Are Left Behind?

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Have you ever thought about why so many kids are left behind? Thousands of kids are left behind each day. Why are they left behind you might ask? On January 2002 President George W. Bush passed the NCLB the No Child Left Behind Act, which lowers the goals of student. Students really do not have anything to work towards or for. When it’s time to go to college most kids will not be ready, they will not know how to study they will be even more left behind because they never had to do it before. All teacher’s jobs are based off if the child passes the class. But why should someone 's job be based off that? if the child does not want to learn that should be once chose, they should not be just passed along because they came to class every day.…show more content…
But its inflexible accountability provisions have become an obstacle to progress and have focused schools too much on a single test score. (Duncan)NCLB is six years overdue for an update, and nearly all agree that it should be replaced(Duncan)Students in our poorest communities should enjoy learning opportunities like those in our wealthiest communities. Zip code, race, disability and family income should not limit students ' opportunities or reduce expectations for them.(Duncan).The Bush Administration has significantly underfunded NCLB at the state level, and yet, has required states to comply with all provisions of NCLB or risk losing federal funds.(Sen).teachers are pressured to teach a narrow set of test-taking skills and a test-limited range of knowledge.(white).At its core, NCLB faults schools and curriculum for student, but critics claim that other factors are also to blame.(white).including: class size, old and damaged school buildings, hunger and
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