Have You Ever Wondered How Much Exercise You Need To Get

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Have you ever wondered how much exercise you need to get maximum benefits? And what exactly type of activity/exercise do you need to be doing? I chose this topic simply because I, myself, have been recently pondering how much exercise I need. I started consistently working out in January. I go to the Great Life gym either in Hartford or in Sioux Falls. I’ve discovered when I workout, I am a much happier person. My mood and energy level improve all around. However, I don’t want to be pushing my body too hard. So how much exercise do I need weekly? Am I doing the correct exercises making sure to not strain my body? What I already know I know that exercise should be a very important part of everyone’s daily routine. Exercise is when a…show more content…
It didn’t take me long before I found the perfect article. I read through the article and realized this is exactly the information I need. I then exported the article into EasyBib and continued on with my search. I continued using EBSCO database. I tried using the keywords fitness, mental and benefits. Again, I realized I needed to narrow down my search. Four hundred different articles had come up. I narrowed my search down by using moderate exercise, mental, and benefits. EBSCO provided me with 27 different articles. I found one that would work perfectly for my research. While reading through this article, I noticed a word I didn’t recognize. I quickly used the dictionary built in on my computer to look up the word “adjunct.” I learned this word means a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part. Next, I switched my database to Proquest. I used the keywords weekly, benefits, mental, and exercise. When I searched the keywords, Proquest provided me with 56 articles. I read through each carefully to find one that matched my topic. In the article I chose to use, researchers tested a group of students. They recorded mood and anxiety levels before and after the workout. The students exercised at different paces and for different amounts of time. Finally, for my last search I used the keywords exercise, improve, and mood. Proquest brought up 43 articles. As I scrolled through them, I realized the first article was actually the best one. I
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