Have You Met Jesus?

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Ethan Benjamin
Mrs. Helbig
English 10 Honors
11 April 2016
Have you met Jesus? All of the Western culture has met Jesus. Citizens of the West have grown up in a culture in which an entire month of the year is dedicated to celebrating the birth of Christ. Easter then arrives and again, for a few days, a major event in the life of Jesus of Nazareth is celebrated. Come the end of October, Westerners find themselves celebrating the eve of All Saint’s Day. On the fourth Thursday of each November, a feast the Christian immigrants, the establishers of the modern Americas, had with the local Native American tribes is reenacted at dinner tables across America. Cathedrals dot capitals, statues of religious figures can easily be found in any public place, at jobs and schools the day is begun by affirming our allegiance to One Nation, Under God, and God even has a presence on our currency. All of this can be traced back to a single man, a peasant in ancient Palestine, who brought about a cultural revolution, and paid the price of martyrdom for doing so. In the short 33 years of his life, Jesus of Nazareth started a religious movement which has changed all of history since. Jesus’ humble beginnings in Nazareth and its neighboring city of Sepphoris exposed Jesus to both Jewish and Gentile culture, inspiring him at an early age to make change. It should be noted that there is controversy over the true story of Jesus’ birth. Many Jews during the age of King Herod were eager for a messiah…
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