Having A Kid With Autism Video Analysis

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The video talks about the fact of autism. It describes some processes that shows what can be done while and before pregnancy. It also shoes some percentages where it shows the chances of a mother when being pregnant has in having a child with autism. It also shows the importance of eating folic acid these is a great way to preventing on having a kid with autism. The purpose of this video is to inform you and explain you the whey the kids get autism and how to prevent it. Not everyone that does this things have a normal kid it could just pass and get a kid it autism or with any down syndrome. It informs the viewers of all the different procedures and all the different steps that can be done if you would like to have a healthy child. The intended…show more content…
An argument done by the Arthur is that what would help the most in a pregnancy is to eat folic acid. Something that also come in the video was that it mentions that autism comes because of bad parenting. What has me thinking about the most is where autism is blamed on bad parenting. I think that is not nearly as close, because autism has been known that is a condition form birth. Having 18% chance of having an autism baby wen it is your second child I don’t think that can necessarily be true. Eating folic acid during and before pregnancy is the argument that I do approve, because I think that if there is something to prevent autism it should be done. We as a parent should prevent having a autism kid but not everyone has the same luck than others some moms take really good care of their pregnancy and still get a autism kid so it’s not like you could do something more big to not have a kid like that. But still having a normal kid or a kid with autism is the same you should love them the whey they
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