Having A Puppy Persuasive Speech

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Imagine walking through the door and a small pup comes to your feet to greet you, then you look around the puppy’s food is one the floor, his bed next to it, after that you realize you just got a puppy. I was very excited on this day but, little did I know that I would still have to train him, feed him, and shower him. And my dad never wanted this dog in the first place and knew we wouldn’t care for it. For I believe you should always listen to your parents and what they always say. Parents always say “ I’m not saying this for me I’m saying this for your own good.”and most of the time they are right.
Even though I might not like listening to my parents and to what they have to say they are mainly always right. When you’re someone young you think you know everything and know how to care for yourself.
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When we got the puppy it was very hard to train him, as my parents said. I tried to train him but it was very difficult, especially potty training. He was also just a few months young so he didn’t like to go outside much, and my mom said she didn’t want him to become an inside dog so, that was another problem.
We eventually gave away the puppy since my parents had ran out of patients to care for it any longer. Not only should we listen to our parents but to elders and the other older people in our life. We haven’t been through what they have we don’t know as much as they do, so when your elder tells you something they probably really mean it and you won’t go through any hardships. If had listened to my parents i wouldn’t be here missing the puppy we were forced to give away. Just listen to your parents and elders, then maybe your life will be much
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