Having Divorced Parents Analysis

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“Our first and most basic relationships are with family. From them, we learn communication skills and develop characteristics that affect how we interact with other people throughout our lives.”(O’Hair et al. 183). I appreciate the point of view given by the authors. It explains the power our parents have in our lives even after we leave their physical embrace. Our whole live what we learn about our relationships and how we act in them come from our parents. In my case I feel that having divorced parents helps me in relationships. I say this because I get to look at what went wrong in my parents’ relationship and remind myself not to follow suit. In my parents relationship for a long time I feel they were in the declining stage. The reading defines this as the stage in which the relationship has stopped being productive and healthy for the involved parties and the…show more content…
My last girlfriend was a relationship I feel I was able to evaluate and apply my parents’ experience the most. For a long time my girlfriend and I were in the stable stage. We became very intimate and the interchange of communication was healthy. Like my parents somewhere along the line the line of communication was interrupted. This of course brought on the declining stage. One thing I didn’t notice about this current stage from my parents was how long it could last. This particular relationship lasted two years and for the better part of the second I feel we were in the declining stage and neither of us was willing or able to accept this and do something about it. I without a doubt felt that we were in a stable pragma type of love. The type of traditional love that you want. I feel that know I was just kidding myself. She, Unbeknownst to me was in more of a Eros love. The love where she was seeking attention and love. Looking back the relationship may have lasted had I realized my actions and the similarities to my parents
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