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Service was a huge part of the Delanys' lives. Henry and Nanny stressed it and perhaps more importantly, practiced what they preached at every opportunity. This was ingrained in both long before they became an evangelical family. Those ideals and practices were passed down to all of the ten children. When each Delany child went to college, he was informed that they could expect no charity and must make their own way. Along the way, throughout the rest of their lives, they would be expected to help their fellow man, regardless of color. In that way, all of the children followed the path set by Henry and Nanny, remembering to perform service whenever and wherever possible. Many went into service professions such as medicine and teaching. The Delanys are a testament to their upbringing and worked hard to do as they were taught in regards to being good, productive people. The family also had a great sense of humor if Sadie and Bessie fairly represent the rest. The sisters are quite funny, blunt, bold, and wise. At the time the book was written, only three of the ten children had survived. The sisters saw the book as their opportunity to tell about their family's history, not as a black family, but just as a family who strived to do right by each other and the community. Parts 1-2 Summary and Analysis Part 1, Sweet Sadie, Queen Bess, begins with the author saying, "Both more than one hundred
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