Havoc In The Ocean

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On the day Saturday June 6th 6666 (the date was 6-6-6666 on the sixth day of the week) the human race almost went extinct. this is how they survived. The time was 6 am and Havoc and Pandemonium were both up and watching cartoons when a loud beep came from the TV. “I need $900,000,000,000,000.99 in the next 30 minutes if anyone on earth is to live! tic toc tic toc.” came a high pitched voice that seemed to come from any media device including phones iPods that were connected to internet radios televisions Exedra. “I will be,” started Havoc,” in the…” “ Not without Chaos,” interrupted Pandemonium quickly. “What about me,” Chaos said Sleepily. “To the lab!” exclaimed Havoc as he rushed off. “What????????” said Chaos still half asleep. “I'll…show more content…
The voice belonged to the evil mastermind Pinocchio. “He is in the middle of the ocean?” Havoc said quizzically, “Why is he in the middle of the ocean why the kelp is he in the middle of the ocean?” “No idea but let's get out there and kick his…” “Whoa Pandemonium we will just go in arrest him and through him in prison.” Chaos piped up. “Ok sounds easy except we have no way to get there and back even if we did we only have 10 more minutes!” Havoc said with acid in his words. “ Right hmm would the supersonic confusion copter work I mean Havoc zoom out a bit, see look it's only a minute from the coast of California we could get there in five minutes if we move it move it.” “When did we get a helicopter I mean it will work you will explain this Chaos!” said…show more content…
“You can’t be serious, a shack he is hiding in there there of all places in there?” Havoc was very flummoxed “We must hurry there must be a secret lab in there like I don’t know maybe underneath?” Pandemonium was getting annoyed. Havoc Pandemonium and Chaos busted down the door to find a fat man sitting at a desk with a computer. “I suppose you came with my money if not the people of Earth only have three minutes left. You want something to drink? heee heee heee!!!!!!” said the man,”I’m Pinocchio, this is my rocket ship.” “The shack is your ship like your getaway vehicle is this picayune, shoddily, shack?”Pandemonium said buying time for Chaos and Havoc,”You know what I would like?? Some water.” “Ok let me get that for you but you still need to give me the money.” Pinocchio said,” wait where did your friends go did they run off or something?” Right as he said that Chaos and Havoc tackled him and put him in handcuffs and took him to jail kicking and screaming. THE
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