Hawaii ' 78 By Israel Kamakawiwo

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“Hawaii ’78” By Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: The Tide Is Rising The original version of the song “Hawaii ’78” was written by four musicians from the group Da Blahlas in Hilo between 1976 and 1978 to shed light on past injustices inflicted on the indigenous people (Crowley para 3). The central theme of the song asks the question about how the former reigning King and Queen would react if they saw the Hawaii of today. The song failed to garner the desired radio air time the authors had wished, but with the arrival of The Makaha Sons of Niihau things were about to change. From a historical perspective, the post-Vietnam 1970s was a period of great turmoil, protest and rediscovery, but it also marked the beginnings of a tidal surge in the cultural recognition and restoration of the Hawaiian people.
The music video “Hawaii ’78” made popular by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole serves as the unofficial anthem for the Hawaiian renaissance movement by focusing on vivid historical imagery coupled with the song’s reflective lyrics to awaken in the audience a sense of urgency to address past transgressions of the native people. Music can be an incredibly powerful tool to communicate a story or to send a message to elicit a response by the audience, especially when the artist is so well loved and respected, and this is where my essay begins.
The song “Hawaii ’78” was now being performed by The Sons and it was gaining in popularity. But, since it was first written a few of the original lyrics had…

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