Hawaii: Annotated Beauty

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15. Hawaii a heaven of scenic beauty:

When a state is referred in a country then it’s in the country but when it comes to Hawaii it’s slightly different as even it’s not in America it’s a state in United States of America. It’s the last ever state to join the Union as the 50th state on august 21t 1959. Since then it has grown into one of the leading tourist destinations in the world and within the country itself. That is because the state is fully located in Oceania comprising islands all over with its great scenic beaches.

Over view: In Polynesia it is the north most island group. This state comprises of the whole lot of islands spread over almost 2500kms in pacific ocean and are formed by and volcanic action at undersea magma source and that is known as hot spot of Hawaii. This action is being processed since then an continuously forming new islands and yet the hot spot is still at the same place. As the hot
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It shelters one of the best military installations in the world. One among them is Schofield barracks, which were formed for the defence purposes of pearl harbour and all the Islands of Hawaii. It was formed in 1908 and serving enormously since then, comprising 25th infantry division and also called as tropic lightning division and also plays as head quarters of command in Hawaii for United states of America. It also shelters many facilities of military as Bellows air force station in Waimanalo, Hick am air force base and Fort Derussy and fort shafter army bases in Honolulu, Pohakula army training center, triple medical center army base, wheeler army airfield in Johnson, station Maui in Wailuku, USCG ISC coast guard in Honolulu, and MCB Hawaii marine Corp in Kaneohe etc. There are many more army installations settled in Hawaii for the prosperity and defensive strategy to guard United
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