Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

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Hawaii Health Systems Corporation has twelve facilities across five different islands with 1,275 licensed beds. It consists of five regions: East Hawaii, West Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Oahu. HHSC is listed as the fourth largest health system in the country and the fourth largest on the islands, outside of Oahu (www.hhsc.org, 2014). In addition, it is the only provider of acute care on Maui and Lanai. In the West Hawaii Region, HHSC operates two facilities, Kona Community Hospital and Kohala Hospital. Kona Community Hospital, opened in 1914, operates a 94 bed acute care facility with a fully operational 24 hour Emergency Room. The East Hawaii region operates three facilities. The largest facility is located in Hilo, with Ka’u being a…show more content…
Full state control took place in 1967. This is unusual in comparison to other health care organizations as very few are under the complete control of the state (www.hhsc.org, 2014). The mission of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation is to provide accessible, comprehensive healthcare services that are quality-driven, customer-focused, and cost-effective. The vision of the organization is to be the provider of choice for the communities it serves, the employer of choice for its staff, and the system of choice for its physicians (www.hhsc.org, 2014). The organization works with the physician base along with other service providers to plan and implement business ventures that will enhance the services offered to its patients. Employees and community leaders are included in the decision making processes to ensure adequate representation. Each facility has its own separate mission and vision statement that integrates into the overarching statement of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation. Patients have multiple rights afforded to them by the organization as mandated by government regulations. Patients have the right to obtain and inspect their health records and dispute any item that they feel is not accurate. The patient must make the request in writing and Hawaii Health Systems must comply within 30 days of that request. Not only can they view their records, but they have the right to restrict who
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