Hawaii's High Cost Of Living

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Over the last four weeks, we have learned about Hawaii’s Economic Outlook. We look a look at the growths and decline of Hawaii’s economy through looking at the Hawaii’s GDP and comparing it the whole nations GDP. The next week we learned about Hawaii’s expansion and contraction. During this week, we focused on different factors that caused Hawaii’s economic ups and downs thought Hawaii’s history. The third week we, learned about Hawaii’s economical structure, which focused on diversification in Hawaii’s economy. The fourth week we talked about price, inflation and costs of living in Hawaii. During this week we learned about different factors that causes Hawaii’s high cost of living. For this major report, I wanted to explore more in death about Hawaii’s high cost of living. The reason why I wanted to explore this topic more into detail is because I’ve living in Hawaii my whole life, but never really understood why our cost of living is so high. Also, I wanted to learn more about this topic because it is very important to understand the different factors that causes the high cost of living. By understanding the different factors that causes Hawaii’s high cost of living, it could possibly help us in the future to help find solutions to this growing problem or even help you reduce some of these costs.
When it comes to Hawaii, Hawaii is a place where many people wish of visiting and a place where many dream of living. This is because of our beautiful scenery, its
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