Hawaii's Musical Culture And History

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While researching the country of Hawaii’s musical culture and history I was able to find some very interesting things that are present in modern Hawaii. From the causes of musical oppression, fight for independence and revival of Hawaiian culture I will talk about how all of these contributed to the current culture of Hawaiian drum dance. First I will talk about the history and culture of the Hawaiian natives and how this has had its effect on Hawaiian music. In 1778, the first European to come to Hawaii was Captain James Cook. He was a British explorer and discovered Hawaii while he was exploring the East coast of Australia. When he came to Hawaii he became a symbol of outsider influence because he opened up trade with North America and some of Europe. Along with trade, this brought more people from different areas to Hawaii which is what brought the outsider influence. With this, it brought in more musical influence from around the world. Such as sea shanties from the mariners that travelled to Hawaii in early years, hymns and the introduction of melody from missionaries, stringed instruments and falsetto singing from Spanish cowboys. Hawaiians were mostly infatuated with the guitar which they would later alter it into the slack key guitar. Another thing he brought with him was disease. After his arrival the population decreased by a third due to a smallpox epidemic that the Hawaiian natives were not immune too. This is very similar to when Christopher Columbus discovered…
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