Hawkfrost And Thunderclan Flight: A Narrative Fiction

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Terror made me strong as I jumped up with all the strength in my body sending Hawkfrost, Thistleclaw, and Snowtuft flying. Hawkfrost landed on his paws. "I trained you too well," he growled, his gaze locking on my throat. I backed up as he jumped, but his claws pierced my tail, pining me to the ground. Snowtuft and Thistleclaw attacked me from opposite side, their claws slicing my ears. I slipped away from them and crashed into Hawkfrost. His claws stabbed my shoulders, forcing me down. I gasped as I saw his teeth flash by my throat. Then I saw a black pelt jump over the gorse, and heard paws thump beside me. "Get off her!" Hollyleaf snarled as she rammed Hawkfrost off me. I managed to scramble to my paws and turn on Thistleclaw and Snowtuft.…show more content…
Tigerheart crashed through the gorse, stopping when he saw Hollyleaf. "Let me help!" he said, shoving his nose under Hollyleaf's shoulder, and together, we began to carry Hollyleaf to ThunderClan camp. As we approached ThunderClan camp I heard Dovewing call for Leafpool and Jayfeather. As we came through the entrance, Dovewing ran to meet us. "Ivypool, are you hurt?" she asked, but I was in too much shock to answer at first. Firestar ran past Dovewing, taking Hollyleaf off my shoulders. When Dovewing asked what had happened again I managed to tell her that Hollyleaf saved my life. I could tell that Dovewing was worried that I had almost died, but she didn't say anything, she just pressed against me and turned me towards ThunderClan camp. When Poppyfrost asked me if I had seen Molepaw or Cherrypaw, I just murmured that they could be anywhere. When it seemed that Hollyleaf was going to die I yowled at Jayfeather and Leafpool, "You have to save her! Hawkfrost tried to kill me, but Hollyleaf chased him away." I saw Brambleclaw's eyes darken. "Hawkfrost? He did this?" I felt terrible. "I was fighting Snowtuft and Thistleclaw. I couldn't help her," I
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