Hawthorne Heights-Ohio Is For Lover Analysis

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Don't listen to the ones that talk about cutting its not a fun time but it fits in with poe pretty well for modern time (it’s pretty hard to find songs on one's journey to sadness because when you do find one it's really just screeching that is impossible to decipher). Side note. After listening to these and more I think that i'm damaged inside, but mostly my ears.

Electric Light Orchestra - Eldorado (Audio) - I found it kind of funny that it had the same name as one of his poems but it also talks of one's unending journey to find this mythical place. It also says that this place that he is looking for is the key to peace. It relates to most of poe's work since they are all mostly based on guilt and sadness, and trying to find an escape.
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Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Is for Lovers - Talk about how he has a hard time making it without these people in his life. It relates to poe by him binge drinking while these guys can't sleep, cut, scream…… on second thought binge drinking isn't so bad.

3. My Chemical Romance - "Helena" - This is about death and how much it hurts this person and how much i t makes him want to cut. He also seems sorrowful on the loss of this person. He also doesn't want to kill himself by the end of the song saying that it’s better if he stays. All this emo music is starting to mess with my head, kind of like how all the deaths of Poe’s loved ones got to him.

4. Konstantine Live - Something Corporate - talking about how a person who is gone and wondering all the unasked questions about her. I think it would relate because who wouldn't want to known these unasked questions. This person also seems to bring some guilt on himself and how he's still alive. He talks about his bad dreams about them gone as well which are the same as Poe’s poems

5. We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet - this one talks about how much he loves his girlfriend and how he wishes she could come with him. *cough Poe’s cousin cough* then she runs away to come to him then the girls mom is like hey it's her life you know. I was like that when i was
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