Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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“Young Goodman Brown” The theme of this fiction story is to not trust anyone. The narrator, tone, and style adds a lot to the presentation of that theme. This story was very captivating and interesting to read. This was because the use of suspense the author used and when it came about and the mystery involved. This is done through the style of the story. From the very beginning of the story Goodman Brown says goodbye to his wife because he is going on a journey through the night. This is the first thing that brings up questions about what is going on. The setting of this story seems to be in the eighteenth century in the city of Salem Massachusetts. It takes place in a small rural town and it seems that they are a close community and everybody knows each other. The narrator paints vivid images that help me understand what someone is feeling, seeing or doing. This really helps in understanding the plot and keeps up with the events of the story. This also helps keeps it interesting. The first question that came to mind…show more content…
I think the theme of the fable could be is choose who you befriend wisely. In this story he learns that the people who he is friends with and trusted, may have been involved in witchcraft ceremonies. Even though he didn’t choose to befriend the devil and join him in his ceremonies, the people he knew did not choose wisely, including his father. Goodman Brown, after his experience in the woods and seeing his wife there, he questions everything. He questions whether or not his wife, faith war really there or not and if everyone who was exposed by the devil really involved in the ceremonies. Even Goody Cloyse revealed herself to be a witch. The thing that made her confession surprising was that she is a Christian and she teaches the word of the bible to younger ones. To me that was the biggest surprise, if I was Brown that would have scared me the most out of all of the things he
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