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MARKETING PLAN HAYDEN FRAGRANCES I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Coming off from an unpleasant publicity in 2010, Hayden Kho Jr. comes back strong with exciting scents that would surely make not only his, but every man’s name and presence synonymous to cleanliness and freshness. With the introduction of his fragrance collection in 2011, the company has aggressively expanded its operations through its marketing channels and chosen method of mass media. The company will continue to push with its strategy but will apply the same once the new line of scents has been released before the end of 2013. Hayden will aim for the holiday season as it proves to be the best time to release any new product. For the short term goals, Hayden will…show more content…
B. Short-term objectives and medium term objectives * Re-brand hayden fragrances with more classy and manly brand name and logo * Repackage the fragrances * Re-launch the new brand in 6 months * To invest in television and print ads for brand awareness * To share / donate more to local charities and institutions * To expand its market by creating programs that promotes personal hygiene and why men need too smell good to attract the opposite sex C. Long-term objectives * Introduce more scents in the coming years * Obtain at least 30 to 40 % of the market share in 5 years * Donate part of the profit to charity V. MARKETING MIX STRATEGIES AND PROGRAMS A. Market Targeting Market Segmentation and Targeting Geographic Segmentation: Philippine urban areas Demographics: Gender: Male and Female Age: 13 years old and above Economic Classes: A&B, C Psychographic: People who are meticulous on their physical hygiene. Behavioural: Male and female who bathe everyday and put an effort to make oneself neat every day. B. Product Development/Innovation Program Technological Aspects Hayden Fragrances must continuously create and innovate new quality products, the Company
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