Hayden's Story Essay: The Tragic Death Of Hayden

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Do you ever wake up feeling that your life couldn't get any worse? That is how Hayden felt almost every day. Ever since she was one year old Hayden has lived in the crowded and loud city of New York, New York. That was until her mother had a severe heart attack, and passed away one day after Hayden’s 11th birthday. One month after the tragic death of Hayden's mom, Hayden’s dad moved them to California. After the moving trucks dropped off all of their furniture, Hayden went to explore the beach. When Hayden first got to the beach, she was thrilled to feel the cold ocean waves crash upon her legs. The water was as clear as glass, and as the waves crashed upon the shore, they looked as white as the clouds above. After thirty minutes, Hayden decided to cruise on home. For dinner that night, they…show more content…
This beach didn't have much sand, and the sun wasn’t shining vibrantly. As she looked around, she spotted a super familiar landmark, the Statue of Liberty. Could it be that she was back in New York, New York? The thought of her being in California earlier this morning was puzzling to think about, because California is on the other side of the country. Then she realized, she had made a wish. Therefore many questions swirled around her head, like is her mom really back, and are they living in New York again? Hayden pushed herself up from the sand and before she could even process her feelings, her legs were speeding across the city to the apartment, where they once lived before. Once she got close to their old apartment, the thought of her family not being there was startling to scare her. With this fear in the way, she wasn't sure if she should open the door. Suddenly, a glance of faith pushed her to open the old rusted door. As the door opened the screeching sound the rusted hinges sent chills to Hayden’s spine. She closed her eyes, and was terrified to open
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