Hayes Primary School: Community, Values, And Philosophy.

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Hayes Primary School: Community, Values, and Philosophy
Hayes Primary School is located in Bates, Tennessee. The school currently enrolls students for preschool through 5th grade. The average class size for the school is 18. There are 50 faculty members that support education at Hayes Primary School. Outside of core instruction, special subject areas are offered in art, music, physical education, and library. Children attend a special subject for 45 minutes per day. They receive an additional 45-minute period per week period of special subjects on a rotating basis.
The mission at Hayes Primary School is to provide a safe educational atmosphere in partnership with all stakeholders that is a supportive and nurturing community in which
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Voters have shown that they support and value education. Over the years funding and support for Hayes Primary School has been received from local taxpayers. Many religious groups and local businesses take pride in partnering with the school to make sure that it develops with the needs of its students and the community. Having and obtaining a quality education is a major part of the Bates community culture. The city also takes pride in the diversity and achievement accomplishments of Hayes Primary School. The city and school continued to promote values that assure academic achievement remains at the top in the state in order to maintain high property values and produce educated citizens who will become skilled productive members of society.
Curriculum Philosophy
Hayes Primary School believes all students should have equal access to a quality basic education. To this end, they work to partner with stakeholders to develop a quality curriculum. The curriculum at Hayes Primary School blends traditional and modern teaching and learning approaches to develop lesson plans, activities, and assessments that promote student success. As a high achieving school, they continually work to offer curricula that meet the demands of students and life beyond primary school. The school feels there is always work to be done to bring practices in line with these philosophies. They strive to enhance the teaching and learning
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