Haymarket Riot Essay

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Research Proposal
• Topics of Inquiry: The Chicago bombing during the Haymarket Riot caused uproar throughout the crowd. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest, but turned out to be an unplanned event. Many argue that the bombing itself did not help the cause, but I will be arguing that the bombing helped the eight hour movement.
- How did this event occur? What led up to this event?
- What happened to the protestors after the riot?
- How did the event benefit the eight hour movement?

• Working Thesis Statement:
- Although many say that the bombing that caused the Haymarket Riot did not help the cause of the protestors, I claim that the bombing helped the eight hour work day movement by striking fear into the employers, which
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New York: Haskell House,
1972. Print. This book provides information leading up to the Haymarket Riot, and all the way to the aftermath of the trial. This source provides the key people that were involved in the pre-trial and the post-trial. This source will give clues to the flaws of the capital and labor, which ultimately lead to the changes to the businesses.

Roediger, David R., and Franklin Rosemont. Haymarket Scrapbook. Chicago: C.H. Kerr Pub.,
1986. Print. This book is a scrapbook of the Chicago Haymarket event.. This source is very helpful because it provides physical articles, cartoons, drawings, paintings, and portraits of the people that were involved in the Chicago Haymarket Riot. It is a very useful resource because it provides detailed information about the lead up to the event and the aftermath of the event.

Pacyga, Dominic A. Chicago: A Biography. Chicago: University of Chicago, 2009. Print.This source is a biography of the history of Chicago. This source covers the entire history of Chicago with much important details with historical information. This book provides information of the Haymarket Riot and the aftermath of the event, which covers how it had effects on the future.

Hermann, Charles H. Recollections of Life & Doings in Chicago from the Haymarket Riot to the
End of World War I. Chicago, IL: Normandie House, 1945. Print. This source goes over the history of the Haymarket Riot all the way up to the end of

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