Haymarket Riots

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Haymarket Riots On Tuesday May 4, 1886 a labor dispute in Chicago, Illinois turned into a violent episode of American history which wound up costing approximately a dozen people their lives. Union organization was beginning to become more prevalent as men working in factories began to demand fair and save working conditions, including sufficient pay for their work, safety regulations, and a reasonable work day. Following the American Civil War, industrialization expanded throughout the country. In large cities, big factories were erected wherein unskilled laborers would be hired to do certain jobs. For their work, they would be paid a very small amount of money and, if they complained about conditions or pay, a steady flow of immigrants from Europe and Asia were willing to take their place (Huberman 2004, page 964). If a worker were injured and unable to work anymore, then they were out of luck as the employer had no obligation to protect their workers or to help them after they had become disabled. Most of these protests ended peaceably even when the two arguing sides had not reached a consensus. Unfortunately, there were also occasions like the one in Chicago which ended in violence and bloodshed. The specific details about how the frenzy started are still uncertain more than a century later. It is known that at some point someone threw a dynamite bomb at the police who had been called to break up the protesters (Shaack 1889). From there, a gun battle ensued. Those who

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